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Car Snow Removal Tools

Car Snow Removal Tools tackle auto-specific tasks like brushing off accumulations from the roof, trunk, hood, and lights, scraping ice off windshields, and more. Many have a squeegee on one side to remove melting snow faster. Look for freeze-resistant models that are sized to store in your trunk or glove box easily. The SnoBrum, for example, is a versatile option that works on awnings, solar panels, and spa covers.

Snow Brush

snow removal

Snow is a big problem for many car owners. It can be challenging to remove it without scratching the paint or windshield, which could make your vehicle less safe for driving. Fortunately, several different tools are available that will allow you to clear your car without damaging it. These tools range from plastic ice scrapers to foam brushes for snow removal. You can also use a traditional broom or a dustpan. Whichever tool you choose, ensure it is not metal, as this can cause scratches on the glass or paint.

A plastic ice scraper with soft bristles is one of the easiest tools to use for snow removal. Never using metal or sharp objects to scrape ice or snow off your car is important, as this can lead to damage. A soft broom is another option, but it may take longer to clear the snow and can be cold and messy.

Foam brushes are the best choice for removing snow from your car, as they minimize the paint’s chance of scratching. They are also usually cheaper than plastic ice scrapers and can be used on any area of the vehicle. You can also use your hands to remove snow, but this will be time-consuming, and it is important to keep your fingers away from the sheet metal as much as possible.

Preheating your car before you begin cleaning it off is a good idea, which will help the ice and snow loosen up and be easier to remove. You can also use the defrosters to speed up the process.

It is also good to carry a small snow brush in your trunk to be ready when winter weather hits. You can help other drivers by offering to remove snow from their cars, especially if they cannot escape their driveways. It is also a good idea to keep a blanket in your trunk to cover your vehicle if you need to leave it outside for an extended period.

Snow Rake

A snow rake is a must-have car snow removal tool that lets you quickly clear your roof. You can also use it to snag items like sticks, branches, and other debris stuck in the snow. This rake features a long handle that extends to reach difficult areas, such as the top of your windshield or the back of your tailpipe. You can easily adjust the length of the telescoping pole, which is made from durable aluminum to ensure long-lasting use.

You can use the Snow Roof Rake to remove snow from all the areas of your vehicle that you can’t reach with a regular brush or an ice scraper. You can start at the front of your car and move down to the trunk, hood, doors, and tailpipe, clearing the snow thoroughly before driving away.

While some rakes feature blades that can damage surfaces, the Snow Roof Rake has a vinyl coating on its head to prevent it from scratching surfaces. This helps you avoid expensive repairs and refinishing after removing snow from your vehicle. The Snow Roof Rake is also easy to use, with customers praising its adjustable height and lightweight design. Some users also noted that they could adjust the length of the rake to fit their needs, which helped them conserve space in their garages.

It’s important to note that this rake is intended for use on single-story homes and that you should never attempt to use it while standing on a ladder. Balancing a long metal stick and a heavy load is a recipe for falling off the roof and injuring yourself. The Snow Roof Rake also shouldn’t be used near power lines because the long metal pole can zap you with electricity, even if you don’t touch any live wires.

The Snow Roof Rake is also useful for removing snow from your awnings, spa covers, boats, trailers, and other vehicles with delicate fabrics that abrasive brushes or scrapers can damage. You can also keep one in your truck or van to remove snow from cargo boxes and other hard-to-reach areas without risking damage to the fabric or finish.

Ice Scraper

A plastic ice scraper removes frost and ice from the windshields of automobiles. It also removes snow from car windows and hoods. It’s a simple, handheld tool many drivers use to clear icy windshields and windows. Ice scrapers are available at auto parts stores and some gas stations. They’re also sold online and in many hardware stores. A basic ice scraper usually has a plastic blade and handle, but more advanced models may have metal or abrasive materials.

Before using an ice scraper, ensure it’s safe for your car. Don’t use a metal scraper or anything else that could scratch your vehicle. A metal scraper or abrasive material can create deep scratches in your car’s glass.

When choosing an ice scraper, consider the size of your vehicle and whether you want a squeegee or brush on one side of the ice scraper. If your area receives a lot of snow, you may prefer a dual-purpose ice scraper with a brush or squeegee on one end and a jaw-like scraper on the other. Some ice scrapers have an extendable handle, which can be helpful if you need to reach high areas or large vehicles.

Some ice scrapers have a rubber or plastic grip that prevents your hands from slipping during de-icing. This grip is comfortable and durable, which makes it easier to use. Other ice scrapers have a metal handle that’s easy to clean. Choosing a handle that will work well for your hands and fingers is important.

If you’re considering a plastic ice scraper, read reviews and find one specifically designed for use in cars. This will limit abrasions and avoid scratching your car’s glass.

A great option is the Birdrock Home Extendable Snow Brush and Ice Scraper. This ice scraper and snow brush combo expands from 31 to 55 inches long to reach most vehicles. The ice scraper features non-scratch jaws that crush ice and a flat head to scrape away broken ice shards.

Snow Shovel

Snow isn’t just a nuisance; it can also damage your car. Those little crystals can scratch paint and glass, not to mention leave a sticky residue that’s hard to remove. It’s important to clear the snow around your vehicle as soon as possible to prevent damage, which means using a tool that won’t scratch the paint or glass of your car. A snow broom with soft, non-abrasive bristles is ideal for the task.

Having a reliable snow shovel is one of the most important winter tools to have on hand, especially if you live in an area that experiences a lot of snowfall. There are a few different types of shovels, and it’s important to know the difference between them. A shovel is used to scoop and lift snow, while a snow pusher is designed to move large amounts of snow quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for a shovel that can do it all, check out our top pick, the SnoBrum. This shovel is versatile enough to handle both pushing and lifting and has an adjustable handle length for multiple users. It also lasts with red, high-impact faceplates held securely by powder-coated steel handles and special cold-tolerant threads. This combination of durability and ease of use makes this a great option for anyone who needs to use their shovel often.

While a traditional shovel can work for clearing a driveway or sidewalk, you’ll want something with a larger blade if you’re dealing with a lot of snow accumulation, like the True Temper Combo Shovel. This shovel has a poly/plastic blade with a metal wear strip to break up compacted snow and ice. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easier to maneuver and reduces back strain.

Another type of snow shovel to consider is the BirdRock folding shovel. This shovel can be folded down for storage and is great for snow-covered parking lots. It has a short shaft that can be difficult for taller people, but it’s still sturdy enough to deal with the most challenging jobs.